Profile: Jonathan Broom-Edwards

Jonathan was born with a condition called Talipes Equinovarus and clubbed foot, a deformity mostly affecting his left foot. He also has issues with his right foot, and a muscular imbalance throughout his body, causing his right knee to be fairly unstable.

"I never thought of myself as disabled. I knew I had an impairment but I have never let that affect me. One of the things I have learnt is to accept my impairment. I won't be as able as other international high jumpers and may never get to the same level because I can't strengthen up my lower left leg, however that won’t stop me pushing myself to the absolute limits to challenge all those I face."

It was only after the London Olympics that he realised his impairment made him eligible for Paralympic competitions. He had been playing able-bodied basketball at Loughborough University, alongside studying aeronautical engineering, when he and a friend decided to try high jump to help with his basketball leaps.

In his first major international competition, the IPC Athletics World Championships in Lyon in July 2013, Jonathan set a new personal best of 2.08m, attaining a Silver Medal. Jonathan then went on to achieve another Silver Medal in the IPC Athletics European Championships in Swansea in 2014 and has recently returned from the World Championships in Doha, claiming another Silver medal.

Following a slight injury, Jonathan then went on to achieve a Bronze (Razza points system - combined class) at the European Championships in Grosseto Italy. 

Recently, in Jonathan’s biggest competition to date, the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in September 2016, Jonathan returned with a Silver medal to add to his Tally. Now as an established Paralympian, the plan is to progress the medal to a Gold in Tokyo 2020, but before that is the IPC World Championships in London 2017.

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