FAQ’s & shipping

Q. Can your protein powder help me lose weight?

A. Our product is designed to assist recovery and maximise the benefits of your workouts. High in carbs & protein, incorporated as part of your diet it can certainly aide weightloss.

Q. What blend of plant proteins are in each product?

A. We spent a significant amount of time trying to find the right blend of plant proteins that would deliver what athletes needed after training or a competition; so we used a blend of pea, pumpkin and flaxseed protein.

Q. Is your product batch tested by Informed Sport?

A. It certainly is, the Informed Sport certificates are available here.

Q. Can I use your products while I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

A. Our protein powder is not suitable for children, pregnant, or lactating women. Side effects from this supplement are rare, but please discontinue use and contact your GP immediately in the event of adverse reactions.

Q. Why do you only sell two flavours?

A. After developing the product and inviting elite athletes to test the flavours, the Vanilla & Strawberry were the most popular. As we grow and add new products to our range, we’ll begin adding new flavours.

Q. Why don’t you sell a protein shaker?

A. Want a premium, stainless steel, well designed shaker? So do we, so we’ve had to go back to the drawing board with our designers and manufacturers to create something new. Once we’re happy with the design, we’ll send out an e-mail to all our customers to ask them if they want to be product testers.

Q. Can I be an ambassador?

A. We’re happy to work with more elite athletes & teams, if you’re interested drop us an e-mail; david.woodall@theperformancekitchen.co.uk


We currently ship internationally.

All delivery is free within the UK, if you are abroad we’ll calculate the shipping at the checkout.

Orders placed before 3pm will be dispatched the same day.

If your delivery address is in Zone 1 in London, and your order is placed before 9am we will endeavor to deliver on the same day.