An Interview with London Paleo Girl & Alt Healthy Becki

We invited two popular writers & social media stars (Tessa Seward a.k.a. London Paleo Girl and Rebecca Rabin a.k.a. Alt Healthy Becki) to our studio to serve up their own healthy recipes, for all our athletes. While we had them with us, we asked them a few questions about their careers so far & trends in fitness & food coming up in 2017...

Who has had the biggest influence on your career?

London Paleo Girl (LPG): "Cheesy as it sounds, but Becky – we have supported, & encourage each other – there have been times when things have been really hard, with work and blogging and events and just being so busy all the time. Just having her encouragement & support has kept me going"

Alt Healthy Becki (AHB): "Completely the same answer. I think we’ve really grown together, and have an influence on each others careers. I’ve learnt a lot from watching Tessa, and we point out each others strengths and weaknesses. Having each others support has been key".


What are some of the disadvantages of working in social media/blogging/writing in 2016/17?

LPG: "I think it is something we do try & push; when we have nights out, we push that side of our life and show that it is not all, not-drinking, or not having a life, or not having that chocolate bar or whatever".

AHB: "One of the biggest things is that people say “you’re not how I thought you’d be”. People get this idea of what you should be/how you should look/how you should behave from Instagram. People think we’re always in the gym, and only eat plain food, and that we don’t have a social life".


And what are the advantages?

LPG: "Getting invited to try samples and new menus at new restaurants is also a huge perk [laughs]".

AHB: "Just being in a position to influence people. When people come up to us at events, and say “oh, I really learnt this from you” [it's great]. Social media can be such a powerful tool if you learn to use it correctly; at our events we can bring people together & you watch them become friends and that is a great feeling".


Was sport/nutrition important growing up or are you quite new to it?

AHB: "I was sport mad from the age of two… and growing up I was on the football team, the netball team… just every school sports team, you name it.  I progressed my gymnastics into cheerleading & I got to do cheerleading for one of the top teams in the UK which was amazing. I was so girly as a child, and it wasn’t ok then to be a tomboy that was into sports and be really girly, but luckily I don’t think that is much of a problem anymore".


Have you ever been recognised in the street?

LPG: "I worked with a cute coffee shop in Fulham Broadway who sell “CoFro” and was promoting it a lot, if I walked past sometimes the people queuing would point and say “that’s her”.

AHB: "I have heard people shout “Paleo Girl!!” [laughing]. We just go about our business; we’re so engrossed in the industry and the brands, and girls and the people. We sort of forget that we are popular".


You exercise a lot, how do you avoid injury?

LPG: "You have to be selective with exercise – I do a lot of classes, but you have to practice technique and not overdo it. Technique really is everything; once you’ve got your posture and toning sorted then you should avoid injury".

AHB: "I always used to get injured, but now being a PT I am so fussy with form and technique I have managed to avoid it. The importance of technique is everything".


Any food trends in 2016 that you thought weren’t particularly healthy?

LPG: "It is great that the low-fat trends from a couple of years ago came & went and now it is about good-fats".

AHB: "last year was big for counting macros and really watching what you were eating – for athletes and sport stars it is incredibly important to be aware of this to fuel your performance. But, for everyday people, as good as it is to have that information, to do it all year round would be a bit unnecessary.

Nutrition is so personal, everyone is different. We get asked how do we train, or what to we eat – I train for me, I eat for me, everyone shouldn’t try to follow the trend, but should be looking at what they need.  Gluten free, dairy free was big last year – and that is fine, but so many of them replace the gluten with sugar & it is so unhealthy. If you are going gluten free you have to do your research".


Looking ahead to 2017, what are your individual goals?

LPG: "Do more yoga, meditation and be able to switch-off". 

AHB: "In general, getting back to a balanced diet. Being more mindful. Lots of people last year followed the getting-fit trend, and overtrained, so in 2017 it’ll be about taking a step-back from that".