Interview | Vincent Luis

French triathlete and double Olympian Vincent Luis was bitterly disappointed to miss out on a medal in Rio, so the 29 year old has set his sights on breaking records in Tokyo 2020, by competing in both the triathlon and the 5000m.

We got a few moments with Vincent to find out how he fuels himself when competing around the world, and when at home in France…

In the weeks leading up to a race or competition, a number of Olympians have said that is when they are eating healthiest, and the 24/48 hours ahead of a race is all about getting in calories and energy: The night before you compete, what are you eating? ”My routine is finding a good Thai place and eating really sober meal as white rice and chicken. Nothing spicy, no fibers, no vegetables.”

The morning of a race, what sort of meals or food do you go for, if you eat at all? ”Again I can have rice and chicken, sometimes some white bread. I also add honey.”

After a race, can you eat whatever you like? ”I have a protein shake straight after racing and I try to have carbs as close as possible to the end of the race.”

Has your diet changed or developed from when you first started competing to now?
”At the start I was only focused on diet to lose weight. Now it’s more about stay healthy and avoid stomach troubles during training/races.”

How important is hydration to an athlete at your level? ”I would say it’s one of the main fact on performance. I love to mix between sparkling and still water. I also drink a lot of electrolytes and add sodium”.

A lot of athletes have spoken about how important sleep is to recovery, do you find the same? ”Definitely yes, I need my 8h sleep + a 30 minutes nap.”

What recipes do you rely on the most at home? ”Rice, beans or carrots, salad, chicken or any kind of fish. Also eggs every 2 days.”

What is your cheat meal? ”Anything with cheese.”

What are your thoughts on protein shakes and energy gels? Do you rely on them at all? “I’m only using gels on racing days. Protein shakes are fully part of my recovery routine.”

Is there anything you actively avoid, either because it is bad for you or you don't like it? ”I’m not drinking cow milk, it’s too hard to digest for me. I grew up with a good-cook mum so I like mostly everything!”

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