Interview with Henry Newcombe

Just before whipping up his post-training recipe in our kitchen, we pulled young professional goalkeeper Henry Newcombe to one side to quiz him about his career...


Henry, what inspired you to take up football?

"I think watching on TV.. a few on my mates started playing & I jumped on the bandwagon, and it started from there".

What diet, if any, do you follow during the season?

"I’d say... what we can eat is fairly strict, but there is a lot of variety. So there’s a lot of protein & carbs which you really need. You can get away with Chilli con Carne one night, chicken breast the next, so it really varies – we’re not eating chicken & broccoli everyday which is good"


What is your favourite cheat meal?

"All time favourite meal… Sirlion steak with chips, followed by a massive Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae – just proper pig out".


Growing up, how did you manage the balance between school & sport?

"[There were] a lot of sacrifices; I was fortunate that my school supported me, and would give me the days off I needed to go to training. But you have to give up a bit of your social life too; the night of the prom I couldn’t be out too late because I had the first day of pre-season the next morning [laughs]".


Footballers come under a lot of media scrutiny, how can you prepare yourself for that type of attention?

"It is quite daunting... I have Twitter & Instagram which is great, but compared to my mates there’s not much I can put on mine.  Also, I have to be really aware if my friends tag me in something. You see now that footballers get in trouble for tweeting something, that was tweeted in 2008 – there is always someone that will scroll through [your timeline]. The club gives us talks on this; we had one woman come to the club who stalked our social media feeds and put up everything she could find on the screen in front of everyone which was a massive reality shock".


What would you be if you didn't play football?

"I’d have to be out and about, so a firefighter perhaps – I couldn’t be sat in an office".

Good Carbs & Bad Carbs...

Good Carbs & Bad Carbs...

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