Interview | Eleanor Patterson

Eleanor Patterson, the current Commonwealth Champion & World Youth Championship Gold medalist, captured the hearts of the Australian public 4 years ago with some spectacular performances. Now, at only 21, Eleanor has achieved more than most already, but after a disappointing performances in Rio at the Olympics, and opting not to compete at the World Championships in London, Eleanor is looking to get back to basics.

We had some time with Eleanor to quiz her on her nutrition & diet as an elite athlete...

Ahead of a competition, what sorts of food/snacks are you having, & when are you eating? "What I eat changes from comp to comp, I don't like to eat a huge amount before competing, it'll tend to be fruit (banana), homemade bliss balls or a light meal depending what time of the day I'm competing".

What would you have on the morning of a major finals, like the Commonwealth Games? "Similar to above a coffee, a banana, a light meal (eggs, veggies, muesli or the likes)".

What do you eat/drink during & after competing? "I just have water typically whilst competing don't have time to eat but if I am hungry I'd have a banana".

Does your diet change much between off & on-season? "I still eat gluten and dairy free (I'm only newly vegetarian) but I keep that the same, I might have a few more treats but they would still be along the health food lines because thats what I love to eat & I hate the feeling of an upset stomach".

What are your thoughts on protein bars & shakes? "I don't have any form of protien bars or shakes, I prefer to ensure all I need is within my diet naturally".

Do you eat much at the gym/after the gym? "I don't eat at the gym. I might have a light snack beforehand but not too close to when it starts. Afterwards I have my meal whether thats breaky or dinner".

What is your cheat meal? "GF, df & refined sugar free still. I love cocowhip or raw slices (made out of dates & almonds &cashews), or pizza".

What meal(s) do rely on the most at home? "Roast vegies, rice, quinoa, eggs, curry, pasta etc".

Do you have a favourite recipe? "I love to cook so anything but especially curry, dumplings".

Is there anything you actively avoid? "Gluten, dairy, meat, sugar".

How important is hydration at your level? "Very important, it helps so much, I aim for 3.5 litres a day".

Do you have any pre-jump rituals? "It changes every comp, but tends to be along the lines of listening to music, coffee, just talking with my coach".

What is going on in-between jumps, are you watching your competitors? "I am aware of others but my attentions on my routine and what I'm doing".

Do you have a favourite place to compete in? "I love all tracks but love Sydney & Townsville & all the tracks I've been to overseas are brilliant".

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