Interview | Lynne Hutchison

We had five minutes with British rhythmic gymnast, Commonwealth Games medallist & Olympian Lynne Hutchison, to quiz her on her nutrition...

If you eat before competing, what sort of meals or recipes do you go for, or do you tend to compete on an empty stomach? "I definitely eat before competing. Rice cakes and peanut butter with a banana always worked for me. Breakfast options would be porridge or a fruit smoothie with some kind of nuts in and sometimes (plant) milk"

What do you eat during or immediately after competing (if at all)? "If I need an energy boost something like raisins, grapes, fruit juice, a banana. After finishing competing I will tend to have flavoured (plant) milk". 

What are your thoughts on protein shakes & bars? "I don’t really use them as I get all the protein I need from my regular diet".

What is your cheat meal? "I love pizza"

What is the most common meal you rely on in your household? "Stir fry vegetables"

How important is hydration? "Very important, I carry a big bottle of water everywhere"

When you compete abroad, do you try & take in some of the local cuisine, or do you have to maintain a strict diet? "A bit of both. I would take snacks with me so if the food is too different or they don’t have good choices I am prepared. Sometimes we would go to a supermarket when we arrive so we have everything that we need"

What does a rhythmic gym session look like, is it a lot of strength work, or core, or cardio? "A rhythmic specific session will involve a lot of routines so it’s short bursts of intense exercise. An individual routine is 1min 30 and a group routine is 2mins 30. We would also do strength and conditioning sessions in the fitness gym which would involve some weights and cardio. Our warm ups involve a lot of flexibility, core work, co ordination exercises and ballet". 

Do you have any pre-competition superstitions or rituals? "I don’t really have any superstitions. Just prepare as well as you can, and when it comes to the competition, just enjoy the performance as much as possible!" 

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