Interview | Reinhardt Hamman

Reinhardt Hamman is one of the most recognisable Paralympians in South Africa. The current Paralympic Champion, and World Silver medallist spent ten minutes with us, to give us a little insight into his training & nutrition...

Before you head out into the stadium, do you eat much, or do you prefer to compete on an empty stomach? "It all depends on the [that] time I compete. So far I have competed at 11am onwards, [so] usally have a big breakfast. A typical english breakfast, then some yogurt, and a hot cup of coffee". 

Does your diet differ between competing & training? "Very much so. When on tour I have a hotel breakfast and when at home I have oats". 

Do you eat as soon as you finish competing? "It all depends on the time on of day I compete. If its in the afternoon, then yes I'd have a snack straight after my competition". 

Do/did you go for protein bars or energy shakes or similar? "I dont specificlly like energy bars, so I would stick to a energy drink".

Does your diet change much between on & off season? Does it change based on where you are competing in the world? "My diet doesn't change much. I try keep it all the same. After the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games my mind set changed quiet a bit. All my life I loved putting sugar in my coffee or breakfast. Now I cant help but avoid sugar completely". 

Just how much do you have to eat to fuel your training/maintain your weight? "I have a very slow metabolism so i usally eat small amounts to maintain my weight".

What do your javelin-training sessions look like away from the track/stadium? "I have recently started with a new Strength and conditioning coach JP Fagan. Our goal for the next 6 months is to drop another 10KG. From there to build up to the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships and Tokyo2020 like never before. I see JP 3 times a week, and have a javelin session on Tuesdays and Thursdays". 

How important is hydration when you compete, & train? "It plays a major part. It also doesnt help the Cape Town is suffering from its worst water shortage in decades. I always have purified water in my car. H20 stays the best form of hydration". 

What is the most common meal in your household & why? "It has to be cottage pie. Its was the best meal my dad made. Since his passing in 2016 keep the cottage pie going". 

Do you have a cheat meal or drink? "Coca cola used to be my go to cheat drink, but since Rio2016 I've been put off. I would say my cheat drink is chocolate milk."

What food(s) do you avoid? "I only avoid fast food outlets, and liver! I cant stand the taste or smell of it. I think ulitmatly the food i avoid the most is airline food. id rather find a heathly wrap than eat airline food". 

Do you have a favourite place to train or compete? "My favorite place to train will be Stellenbosch. All around you are mountains its the perfect setting to train. My favorite competition venue hands down is the queen Elizabeth olympic stadium". 

Stellenbosch, Western Cape of South Africa

Do you have any 'game-day' rituals or superstitions? What do you do 5 minutes before you compete? "I always pack my bag in a specific way, the music i listen to is EDM to get me extra pumped for the competition". 

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