Interview | Sam Dickson

Sam established himself in the All Blacks Sevens team way back in 2012, and has been a permanent fixture since. Already a World Series winner, Sam's Olympics looked in doubt in 2016 after he sustained a powerfully bad looking knee injury - but he made a miraculous recovery and headed to Rio to become an Olympian.

Despite not the best performance in Rio, the All Blacks cemented themselves as one of the best teams in the World again, when they won the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

We had a few moments with Olympian & Commonwealth Champion Sam, so took the chance to quiz him on his nutrition...

What do you tend to eat ahead of a competition? "A lot of whole grain breed and bananas. Eggs on toast with orange juice".

And after a game? "Lollies (that mean sweets to all our UK readers), fruit, milk and later on a big meal"

Do you rely on protein shakes or bars after training or a game? "I only take protein if I'm losing weight through a lot of training or for recovery". 

So what does an All Blacks Sevens players gym sesh look like? "3 to 4 gym sessions a week. 2 upper body and 2 whole body. 6 field sessions a week which include team stuff, intervals and skills". 

Do you have a cheat meal? "Hot chips, mc ds, KFC"

Do you have any recipes, or meals that you rely on the most at home? "Smoothies, salads, toast, fruit".

Does hydration play a big role in your prep/recovery? "Hydration is super important. It's always on my mind". 

Do you have a favourite place to compete in? "Anywhere that's warm and has a great crowd. Dubai, and Capetown", 


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