Interview | Scott Lincoln

Scott Lincolns career & reputation has been growing steadily among keen athletics followers in the past couple of years. At only 23, Scott threw a PB placing him 8th in the all time Great British list, which added to his growing list of achievements: being 3 x British Outdoor Champion, the British Indoor Champion, and England Senior Champion.

We had 5 minutes with Scott to quiz him on his nutrition...

If you eat before competing, what sort of meals or recipes do you go for, or do you tend to compete on an empty stomach? "I quite often end up having a full English with being in hotels a lot! Specifically try to get scrambled egg in and a bit of bacon. But a lot of the time, you also have to see what’s on offer, sometimes if you're abroad and haven’t got a big variety I like to stick to fruit cause you can’t go far wrong with fruit, and again scrambled eggs with toast. Whatever is available really! "

What do you eat during or immediately after competing (if at all)? "I rarely eat during competition if at all to be honest! And nothing in particular that I can think of afterwards. Nothing that’s a ritual anyway!"

What are your thoughts on protein shakes & bars? "I have just started a new plan actually, and protein shakes are a big part of it, I think it’s a great way to get the calories and the protein in in such an easy way, I have to travel to training so its something easy!"

What is your cheat meal? "I love a spicy curry, madras, vindaloo etc. Another weakness is KFC and Nando’s! Mainly Nando’s!"

What is the most common meal you rely on in your household? "I love a good roast dinner, but we get some drops from a butcher and usually at the moment get a lot of mince, so I love spaghetti Bolognese. But I love fajitas too as a quick easy meal, as I work full time, I literally have an hour to get a meal inside and go. it’s important to get a quick and easy meals for me!"

How important is hydration? "Hydration is a massive part of training, it’s something I've always struggled with, to get enough liquid in! But I've been managing recently, if it’s in front of me, i'll drink it! It caused a lot of dizziness in previous years during training!"

When you compete abroad, do you try & take in some of the local cuisine, or do you have to maintain a strict diet? "When I compete abroad, a lot of the time the food and meals are prepared for you as part of the trip, so therefore you get a small choice, usually a meat of some sort, mainly chicken, and then a pasta dish such as spaghetti or something, but I always try and have 1 meal once my competition is over to go and enjoy the surroundings and the cuisine!"

Do you eat much or snack in the gym? "I never eat in the gym, I just have a shake after I finish for recovery and to get protein in. It’s just something I've never really thought I need during gym sessions". 

Do you have any pre-competition superstitions or rituals? "I like to have my breakfast, then once that’s been eaten, I put my head phones on, I do a couple of throwing related drills in my hotel or somewhere nearby, and then go for a walk! I forget what’s going on around me and almost get in a zone where I concentrate on what needs to be done. Just me my music and the surroundings around me! Sometimes it’s Yorkshire sometimes it’s a nice European country!"

Do you have to eat a certain amount of food, to maintain a particular weight? If so, how much do you have to take on board? "My current daily plan is 5600 calories, I have a physical job so that also means I have to have some calories for that! That’s helping me maintain my weight which is currently around 132kg"

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