"London Paleo Girl"

Tessa Seward, better know as the London Paleo Girl, took over our studio to serve up a fantastic paleo dish for all the athletes that were with us on the day. Watch her full episode (presenter by former guest Lee Steggleshere.


Cherry tomatoes on the vine

Fresh Corriander

Mr. Organic Sun dried tomato pesto

2 x Lean Meat London salmon fillet 

1 x Large butternut squash  

1 x Parsnip 

1 x Carrot 

2 x lime

1 x red chilli 

A handful of Spinach

A handful of Mange tout

Coconut flour 

A splash of Avocado oil 

A pinch of Black pepper

1 x large egg


1.  Drizzle a little oil on a butternut squash, and roast until soft.

2. [For the Salmon marinade] Finely chop the chilli, garlic & cut the lime into wedges. 

3. Squeeze the lime juice over the salmon, and place the chilli and garlic over the salmon also & add a pinch of ground pepper (leave this to marinade in the fridge for 30 mins).

4. Shred/grate the carrot & parsnip, scoop out the flesh of the butternut squash, and add to a bowl. Add in two tablespoons of Avocado flour and mix with you hands. Shape the desired amount/size of rosti.

5. Fry off the Rosti in a pan with a little oil, until toasted on each side (about 4 mins each side), then put into the over to keep warm.

6. Fry the salmon off with a tiny amount of oil, until cooked.

7. Pan fry, with a little water, the mange tout to cook off for 3-5 minutes. Do the same with the spinach.

8. In a saucapan, heat up the pesto.

9. Bring out everything together & serve.