Quickfire Q&A with Tayo Ogedengbe

Tayo Ogedengbe, captain of the Surrey Scorchers was in our studio, and we grabbed him for a quick Q&A... watch the Q&A on our youtube channel here, and watch his full episode here

Q. What does your ultimate pre/post training meal look like?

".... it would be similar to what I've made today [in the Performance Kitchen], so some sweet potato, with some sea bass & just a side salad.. something light & not too heavy because I've got to run and I've got to jump, and do a lot of movement so I try to get some fish in... not too much meat, just so my stomach is nice and light"

[For post-training as well?]

"post... immediately [after a game],  I try to get some carbs in straight away just to refuel. So it could be pasta... but depending on the time [too], if it's not too late just pasta, could be some rice... get that on as soon as I can... that just helps me recover quicker"

Q. One one food or ingredient are you always guaranteed to have in your fridge? 

"At the moment... I'm pretty hooked on cooking with coconut oil.. so it might be a bit of a fad, but I'm hooked on it... just because I like coconut, and I love the smell of it as well while I'm cooking... and it's nice and simple to use

Q. What ways or tips do you have for staying calm & focused before competing?

"I tend to visualise what I am going to do in the game, before I play.. so for example, if it's going to the basket, or making a move, I'll visualise myself doing that... not too intensely... nothing too crazy... but just visualise yourself having a good game, performing well, and being the best you can be"

Q. If you're having a day off from training, what is your indulgent or cheat meal?

"On a cheat day...? Well I'm a big meat-eater, so ribs, burgers... I also like slow cooked food, so a slow-cooked Jamaican Oxtail... I'm Nigerian as well, so a nice Jollof rice... stuff like that"

Q. Smoothies or Juices?

"Probably juice... smoothies tend to be a little bit thick"