Chatting with Laviai Neilsen

While we had the incredibly lovely & talented Laviai with us in the studio, we put some quickfire questions to her. Watch the 2 minute interview here

Q. What does your ultimate pre or post training meal look like?

"ummm It would be, probably... I love salmon, so anything with salmon, rice and veggies"

Q. What one food or ingredient do you always have in your fridge? 

"Bananas... I always carry one with me and I don't want it to be too warm"

Q. Do you have any tips to stay calm before a race?

"So one time someone told me that if you take 10 deep breaths, then your mind decides which path it should take... so I just take 10 deep breaths, and then my mind will say 'yeah you're ready... you're gonna smash this'"

Q. What is your indulgent cheat day meal?

"red wine [laughs]... I love it"

Q. Smoothies or Juices?