Summer Training

It's approaching that time of year (in the northern hemisphere at least) when you can swap the gym for a bit of exercise outside in the sunshine, without freezing your hands. When you can grab your trainers, throw on a pair of shorts, and start putting in the miles & sculpting your physique somewhere with a nice bit of scenery...

You'll have heard, repeatedly, from the hardy souls who trained outside through the bitter winter; marathon training, bootcamps, rowing, rugby & football sessions... how the ground was frozen, how they can't feel their face... now is the time for you to join them & take yourself away from the safe, familiar setting of the gym, and find a nice open space to jog around, and work-out in.

In cities across the globe there is an endless supply of beautiful open spaces to work-out in; but getting fit in the sunshine does't have to simply be a case of running in the sun. There are a plethora of classes available to mix-it-up, and meet new people in the evening warmth. 

With so much choice, this is our handy guide to getting fit in the sun this summer...


This is the easiest, and most common form of exercise to get away with in the summer. Just pop on a pair of trainers, and head off into the beautiful sunshine; with the summer warmth on your face, it can feel... almost... relaxing, to get a sweat in the evening sun.

If you're finding it hard to stay motivated (because, let's be honest, running can get seriously repetitive for most of us), put together a schedule that you can follow. Find new routes through your town or city (maybe follow a scenic tourist trail), train at different times of the day (before work, just as it's getting light, or post-work to enjoy the warm evening sunset), try new music playlists, give yourself a goal at the end of a summer of a new pb, or try competing in a race. Maybe commit to running a certain number of free Park Runs.

Personal Training in the Park

When you're out on your run, you'll almost invariably find yourself running through a park, and you'll catch someone being put through their paces with kettle bells, and punching pads.

The amount of people looking for a personal trainer seems to spike once the warm weather kicks in, as people look to get fit before they take their summer holiday. 

If you're looking for some extra motivation, or to improve a particular area of fitness, training 1-to-1 with someone in the sunshine is perfect, and you will get very fit, very quickly.


The amount of outdoor bootcamps available has risen exponentially in the last few years. You can train like someone in the military, or a ballet dancer, or a boxer or anything really.

If the idea of training on your own, or in a 1-to-1 doesn't appeal to you, these kind of bootcamps are perfect for getting you out in the warm weather, for getting fit & for meeting loads of new people (which, in a major city, can be hard to do).

Almost every outdoor training provider offers free tasters, so take advantage and try a lot of different sessions with different companies. 

Remember, Summer does't last forever

Particularly if you're reading this in the U.K. Get out of the gym and start soaking up the warm sunshine, build up a tan (ready for your summer holiday) and enjoy exploring your town or city, and meeting new people.


Our Recommended Runs

Exploring your town or city is something you will have to do on your own... find routes along a river or canal, through a park, and around tourist attractions, past fields and hidden areas. Criss cross your town or city at your leisure.


Our Recommended Bootcamps (UK)

  • British Military Fitness 
    • Train like a member of the British Military, who are some of the fittest individuals on the planet, throughout the year & across the country. Having a go at military fitness is a fantastic & fun challenge.. just to see how you measure up!
  • UK Outdoor Fitness 
    • Every session is a mix of cardio & resistance, and it's mixed up constantly so you never know what is next. Always fun in the sun.
  • Boxit Bootcamp
    • Train like a boxer. Everyone knows boxers are some of the fittest athletes in the world, so put yourself through the their training regime and see how you measure up in this intense but fun environment. Everyone likes to think they could have turned pro, but seeing how you really measure up, is an eye opener to how hard those athletes train.
  • Keepfit Bootcamp 
    • A mix of 'regular' and military fitness, these classes tick every box and will get you fit, fast. Social, laid-back, always fun and interesting.
  • Endinburgh Bootcamp
    • Cheap and effective; these classes cater for everyone of every ability. Every session is fun, and a mix of fitness techniques. 


Our Recommended Bootcamps (everywhere else)

  • Healthy Habit (Sydney, Aus)
    • Very simple, easy to follow sessions designed to get you fit over 8-11 weeks. Challenging, hard work, but totally worth it.
  • Activate Bootcamp (Melbourne, Aus)
    • Designed to achieve maximum output in the smallest amount of time (each session is 45 minutes). Free form and compound focused, their workouts are functional to ensure all muscles are targeted. 
  • Beastanetics (NYC, U.S.A.)
    • Each session is designed to improve your power, strength, & agility in short bursts (HIIT). Fun and super intense.
  • Best Body Bootcamp (Toronto, Canada)
    • Perfect for getting fit with people from your community; these sessions will get you fit & educate you on leading a healthier lifestyle in general.
  • Urban Fitness (Johannesburg, South Africa)
    • Fun, hard and a great way to stay fit outside. No long programs to commit too, just turn up and get stuck in.


Performance K's Personal trainers:

  • Ben Goodman
    • Ben Goodman has been writing for the Performance Kitchen since the beginning of 2017. A trainer with 12 years under his belt, Ben has worked international and is based in Brighton, U.K. Cannot recommend highly enough.