What do Athletes & Coaches keep in their Kit Bags?

For professional athletes, looking good once they step out of the gym is as important as their work-out. They have to push their body to its limits in the morning, then have to make public appearances, attend meetings, and face the press & photographers later the same day.

There is no reason why the same high standards they apply to themselves should not apply to you; you want to feel and look good after a training session... you want all eyes on you as wow everyone in the afternoon board meeting. You want to smell incredible as you glide past the tables of evening drinkers in the summer sunshine. You want to look refreshed on the train home.

There has been an explosion in the number of products for everyone to keep in their gym bags over the last few years, so we took a look in the kit bags of the performance staff, coaches & trainers, to see what keeps them looking refreshed after a a few hours in the gym, on the track or after training outside:


Bleu De Chanel, from £52

A subtle and masculine fragrance, popular with the ladies in the office. Deep and woody, but with hints of summer-y, citrus notes; it will leave you smelling fresh, and light. This fragrance is a perfect addition to anyones gym bag; as the summer training kicks in, this will perfectly compliment your evenings outside in the sunshine.

Aftershave (Premium)

Creed Aventus, from £170

The smell of sunshine & success, this is a personal favourite of a number of staff & coaches we spoke to. Light & summery, it is the perfect scent for heading into the office early, or for wandering in the sunshine after work in the evening. A post-work out dream.


Dove Men+Care Moisturiser, From £8.99

A popular choice among the regular gym goers; leaves your skin looking healthy and clear. Keep this in your bag to ensure you leave the gym looking like the whole session was effortless.

Moisturiser (Premium)

Kiehl's Facial Fuel, from £21.50 

Something of a treat for the skin, particularly if you plan to train outside a lot this summer. Vitamin enriched, it will leave your skin glowing and soft after a couple of hours in the beating sunshine; perfect if you plan to head-out in the evenings.

Shower Gel

Original Source (Mint), From £1.50

Chock-full of mint leaves, this shower gel will leave your skin feeling fresh & tingling.  The strong smell of mint will wake you right-up, and you'll leave the gym alert & feeling fresh.

Shower Gel (Premium)

Kiehl's Musk Shower Gel, From £18

A lot of shower gels are quite similar, in terms of what they can really do, so a good shower gel should leave your skin feeling refreshed and smelling good. The Musk Shower Gel from Kiehl's ticks all the right boxes. You skin will feel soft to the touch and will smell fantastic. 

Face Scrub

Bulldog Face Scrub, from £5

Found in a number of kit bags, full of natural ingredients, and it won't break the bank. A mixture of a number of ingredients, like olive seeds & shea butter, will very gently exfoliate the skin, removing all the grease & sweat after a gym session and leave your skin feeling clean and clear.

Face Exfoliator (premium)

Sisley Buff & Wash Facial Gel, From £76

An absoute treat for your skin, the combination of lemon extract and lavender oil will leave your skin feeling smooth, refreshed & clean. If you are training outside a lot, this facial gel will remove all the sweat & grime, and leave your skin feeling & looking fantastic.