25 Ideas to make you Instantly Feel Better

Double Rowing World Champion & Olympian Sophie MacKenzie shared with us her tips to staying happy & healthy.

1. Take a shower, wash your hair so it smells amazing, fresh and clean.

2. Go outside and breathe deeply.

3. Move your body, even if you have to force yourself to go for a walk, yoga, or stretching. Once you start it will be easy to just keep going.

4. Write a to-do list then tackle it one by one, nothing better than crossing something off a list.

5. Ring your mum and just chat, usually they can keep chatting for ages but it’s so comforting to hear their familiar voice reminding you of growing up and being looked after.

6. Light a smelly candle.

7. Watch some funny youtube videos, cats running on treadmills is hilarious!

8. Get out the house and go visit your friends.

9. Go for a crazy bike ride.

10. Run a bubble bath and add some epsom salts – they are great at relaxing your muscles. Play your music, light some candles then lock the door so no one can interrupt your peace.

11. Drink a cuppa of tea hot or iced – weather/mood-dependent of course.

12. Read a book you’ve been wanting to read or the one that’s been sitting on your bedside table for the last month...

13. Smile for absolutely no reason at all, it takes fewer muscles to smile than to have a tense, upset/angry face on.

14. Then Laugh because you’re smiling at nothing, yup, you feel ridiculous doing it which makes you laugh even harder …

15. Write a letter to an old friend that you haven’t talked to in a while, it’ll make their day too

16. Ring your grandparents or your mum/dad because they think you’re the coolest most amazing person in the world and will shower you with compliments.

17. Watch ‘Friends’ episodes on repeat, or one from each season. It’s really funny how much they change. Try to decide which one is your favourite… it's impossible!

18. Take a nap. 20–30 minutes is perfect and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. Any longer and you may feel groggy.

19. Make healthy chocolate. Then proceed to eat it, just not all of it unless you’re sharing.

20. Listen to your favourite song and sing it out loud, really LOUD!

21. Play with your pets, give them some lovin’ pats or take your dog for a walk.

22. Walk barefoot in the grass, get into nature and be ‘one’ with it!

23. Walk on the beach and dig your toes into the sand – what a great feeling, it’s like self-exfoliating massage!

24. Practise deep belly breathing, down into your lower gut/tummy, not your chest. When you’re breathing into your chest it means your breathing is short and makes you feel stressed. More on this later in another blog.

25. SHARE WITH ME below whats makes you happy....


About the Author: Sophie MacKenzie is a Double World Rowing Champion & Olympian hailing from New Zealand, who moonlights as a qualified personal trainer, yoga instructor, & health coach. Follow Sophie's journey to Tokyo 2020 on Instagram, Twitter and online