Tramping (Backpacking) Menu Planner Ideas

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When I was planning and packing for my first ever tramping trip (out of school), I was trying to decide what to take to eat for my 3 day planned trip... of course I had a wee google and browsed a few websites, most of all didn't help me to much with my one meal i was struggling with thinking of healthy, non-perishable, doesn't bruised easily (goodbye banana's, apple.. all fruit!), doesn't take up much space food and won't get squashed... basically limiting what I can take ALOT. So I did more research and use my own knowledge, search my pantry and went shopping, duh. This is the basic's of the meal plan I will be taking with me.


  • Oats made into porridge for a longer sustaining energy release + handful of nuts & seeds (almonds, brazil, cashews, pumpkin, sunflower etc)


  • Peanut butter, honey and tortillas, wraps (gluten free)
  • Crackers and cheese (I got the most amazing cumin cheese from the Hawkes Bay farmers before which was perfect for my walk and added lots of flavour!) - I use these at cracker because they are so damn good!! 
  • Protein bars - homemade or I find it easier using prepackaged ones because they really hold together and don't crumble. i.e. Quest Bars.


  • Freeze dry organic meals from Radix, (kiwi company) -
  •  - Great range of flavours
  • - Sizes: medium, small and large


  • Homemade trail mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruits
  • Oat crackers 
  • Muesli or protein bars 





About the Author: Sophie MacKenzie is a Double World Rowing Champion & Olympian hailing from New Zealand, who moonlights as a qualified personal trainer, yoga instructor, & health coach. Follow Sophie's journey to Tokyo 2020 on InstagramTwitter and online