What does a model eat? Interview | Arabella Chi

Here at the Performance Kitchen we know that it is not just athletes that are expected to 'perform'; ballerinas, dancers, acrobats, models, etc are all expected (indeed, it is necessary for their job) to stay fit & healthy. So what does a professional model eat, for example?

Model Arabella Chi (represented by international agency Models1), who has worked with Calvin Klein, Triumph & Jack Wills, has spoken previously about how important healthy living, & fitness is to her, so we grabbed our opportunity to quiz her on her nutrition;

Arabella, thank you for taking some time to speak with us today! So, before you head out for a shoot, do you eat much, or do you prefer to do it on an empty stomach? Are you allowed to eat at all? "Yes, I would have my normal healthy breakfast before I head out for a shoot, which consists of eggs, avocado & smoked salmon".

Do you eat during or immediately after a shoot? "I feel that it is important to keep your energy levels up on a shoot so I try and eat healthy snacks throughout the day to maintain my energy, plus I would take my own lunch with me". 

Hydration is key, it can help boost your mood and make you feel more energetic
— Arabella Chi

Protein shakes and bars are so popular at the moment, do you go for them or anything similar (either as a snack or in the gym)? "Yes I love both, and I think post gym they are a great quick source of protein & energy".

Does your diet change much depending on where you are in the world (i.e. does the heat or weather affect your food choice)? Does your diet change between winter & summer? "Definitely, when I am in a warm climate I love fresh salads and in the cooler months I prefer warm comforting foods".

So can you tell us, what does a models-training session look like in the gym? "I like to mix up my training; I do a combination of Boxing, HIIT, & Yoga. I believe that combining these 3 types of training works the best for my body type."

How important is hydration to looking healthy & staying healthy as a model? "Hydration is key, it can help boost your mood and make you feel more energetic."    

What is the most common meal in your household? "My bf cooks for me every night, we love fresh fish and vegetables"

Do you have a cheat meal or drink? "I don't really like sweets and crisps if I was to have a cheat meal it would still be something with nutritional values in it like a burger".

What food(s) do you avoid? "I tried to avoid excess carbs, and processed sugar"

How do you stay motivated?  "By making it into a lifestyle rather than a short term fix that way it becomes much more obtainable"

Is there an model, or athlete (or anyone) you look up to or who inspires you? "I love Steph-Claire Smith I think her Instagram is really inspirational and she has the perfect balance between health , fitness and modelling"

What is it really like behind-the-scenes? Is it all beautiful people, and beautiful sunsets, and incredible locations, and parties, or is it more shuffling in & out of hotel rooms, terrible food, and hours in the gym? "Behind the scenes is not what a lot of people imagine it to me, don't get me wrong some of the Shoot locations are incredible and the parties you can be involved with are great fun, but yes, I often work up north which involves being woken up by my alarm at 4.30am and getting home at 9.00pm, however when you get there you don't feel like you have had little sleep when you are working with an energetic team". 

For a lot of athletes & models I've spoken to, the fame that comes with their success is sometimes unexpected, and often difficult to manage; how have you coped with the attention that you receive now (particularly on social media - do you get much negative attention)? "Luckily from modelling from such a young age I feel like I've got a pretty "thick skin" however luckily I don't seem to get much negative attention but never say never."

What has been your best modelling experience so far? "My best modelling experience so far has to me shooting and hiking in Lake Como."

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