Talking with Amber Keegan-Stobbs

Amber loved her time with us that she came back for more over Christmas; while she was with us, we asked her some quick fire questions...

What does your ultimate pre/post training meal look like?

"My pre-training meal would be.. carb loading... I love carbs... and I like to use up my energy... brown pasta, brown rice, but I'm a brown pasta kinda girl"

What one food or ingredient ado you always have in your fridge?

"Avocado. Getting' the good fats in!"

How do you stay calm before playing?

"I always listen to music... depends what kind of mood I am in, or how far I am from Kick-Off... favourite song? It has to be something with a beat..."

What is your cheat meal?

"ummm... maybe, like, an American Breakfast... pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage...."

Smoothies or Juices?




Quickfire Q&A with Katy Sexton MBE

We grabbed Katy Sexton MBE for a cheeky question & answer session while we had her in the studio. Watch Katy's full episode here and see her Q&A here.

Q. What does your ultimate pre/post training meal look like?

".... probably before training it would be a bowl of cereal or toast, I love that... it's probably be porridge... or shreddies.. just anything [laughs]"

Q. One one food or ingredient are you always guaranteed to have in your fridge? 

"Cheese... and probably milk... a nice cheddar"

Q. What ways or tips do you have for staying calm & focused before competing?

"Breathing... because I think, if you're in the zone, you need to just focus... [so] just a few deep breaths. I always used to get nervous, so just a few deep breaths would calm everything down"

Q. If you're having a day off from training, what is your indulgent or cheat meal?

"Chocolate. White [laughs]"

Q. Smoothies or Juices?

"Smoothies... probably a banana smoothie"