Quickfire Q&A with Katy Sexton MBE

We grabbed Katy Sexton MBE for a cheeky question & answer session while we had her in the studio. Watch Katy's full episode here and see her Q&A here.

Q. What does your ultimate pre/post training meal look like?

".... probably before training it would be a bowl of cereal or toast, I love that... it's probably be porridge... or shreddies.. just anything [laughs]"

Q. One one food or ingredient are you always guaranteed to have in your fridge? 

"Cheese... and probably milk... a nice cheddar"

Q. What ways or tips do you have for staying calm & focused before competing?

"Breathing... because I think, if you're in the zone, you need to just focus... [so] just a few deep breaths. I always used to get nervous, so just a few deep breaths would calm everything down"

Q. If you're having a day off from training, what is your indulgent or cheat meal?

"Chocolate. White [laughs]"

Q. Smoothies or Juices?

"Smoothies... probably a banana smoothie"