Q&A | Claudia Liberova

What does a professional model actually eat? Dutch model Claudia Liberova is already the face of a huge number of international campaigns, so we were delighted to steal her away for a few moments to quiz her on how she fuels herself as a model...

So Claudia, ahead of a shoot, what sorts of food/snacks are you having, & when are you eating? Can you eat at all?

"Depends what time the shoot starts. In case of an early call time I wont have anything before (they'll usually have food on set). With a late call time I'll have some yoghurt+fruits / protein bar / eggs".

What do you snack on during a long photoshoot?

"Fruits, nuts, veggies, cheese. (All there really is available)"

Do you eat much at the gym/after the gym? 

"I always make sure I get some kind of protein in after my workout. Before I'll only eat something if I feel like I need extra energy".

What does a models gym session look like for you (lots of weights and strength training or cardio, or a mix)? On your instagram page you look like you do lots of pilates/yoga?

"Yes I love doing yoga/pilates, it tones your muscles while keeping them long and lean :) 

I used to run 5k x2 a week, but I currently walk almost 10k a day, so I don't do that anymore (too much cardio otherwise) 

I usually just do the workouts I enjoy doing! This includes boxing, swimming, acroyoga, pilates, crossfit class, barre, yoga, hiking, dancing. I listen to what I feel like doing and try to keep a balance between cardio + strength. I hardly go to the gym though, I always take classes or do something with friends".

What is your cheat meal?

"Probably pizza and peanut butter!"

What meal(s) do rely on the most at home?

"I cook everything (love cooking)... I'm currently on a Keto lifestyle, so this includes High fat and low carb".

Do you have a favourite recipe?

"YES: Eggplant parmiggiana (I'm a cheese addict, and eggplant is my favorite veggie)"

Is there anything you actively avoid?

"Currently carbs.. "

How important is hydration as a model?

"Very important!! Especially if you walk so much as I do. Not just models though, its important for everyone to be hydrated!"

Are there any items in your gymbag/handbag you couldn't live without?

"A water bottle".

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