Q&A | Esme Cosham


So what do models actually eat? We had the chance to quiz one of the new faces at Models 1 on how she fuels herself. Esme Cosham took a few moments out of her day to answer some of our questions below...

So Esme, what is the most common meal in your household? What are you relying on the most? "The most common meal in my household has definitely got to be a big vegetarian chilli/stew (especially during the winter!) I have recently gone vegetarian so am currently enjoying trying classic recipes without meat". 

Rightly or wrongly, we all think of models as being these types of people who must eat super clean and deprive themselves of anything too bad... have you got a cheat meal? "I have always had a huge sweet tooth so my cheat meal would definitely be a dessert of some sort. My go to pudding would always be something simple like my mum’s home-made banana bread, I’ll definitely miss that the most when I leave home!!"

Are there any foods you avoid, either because you're not a fan or you have an allergy or similar? "I like to eat reasonably healthy the majority of the time so try to avoid too much added sugar (I find it can have a bad effect on my skin too), as well as meat (for my own personal reasons). To satisfy my sweet tooth, I tend to make my own desserts and energy bars using dates / dried fruit instead. For example, I occasionally bake my mum’s banana bread, subbing honey for sugar and wholemeal flour for plain flour. I believe it’s all about balance though, so I can never turn down a biscuit with a cup of tea!" 

Do you eat much before you go on a shoot, or can you get away with eating much while you are there? "I will always, always eat breakfast before I leave the house! I know some people struggle eating early in the morning but breakfast would probably be my favourite meal of the day. Lunch is often provided on shoots but I tend to bring lunch (and snacks) with me just in case. Lunch for me would normally consist of a wrap, with nuts and fruit as snacks to keep me going, especially if it's an all-day shoot". 

What does a gym session look like for you as a model? "I tend to go to the gym around 4/5 times a week, depending on my work schedule. I like to incorporate strength and HIIT sessions alongside yoga and pilates to keep it interesting! By mixing up the types of exercise I do, it keeps me from dreading going to the gym and I actually find it a nice relief if I have had a particularly stressful week". 

In your gym bag, is there anything you can't live without?  "Apart from my headphones and water bottle (essentials!!), I would never leave for the gym without my resistance band! As well as using it for stretching and strengthening exercises, it also helps me maintain good forms during exercises such as squats and glute bridges". 

Though you've not been a model for that long, is there a shoot that already stands out for you? "My favourite job has got to be the music video I shot on the Thames in summer 2016. It was one of the very first jobs I ever booked and, as well as meeting so many other friendly models (many of whom I’m still in contact with), I even had the opportunity to chat to the band themselves! My favourite part about shoots/jobs is 100% all the amazing people I get to meet and the opportunities that open up!"

Our final question, as we've taken up a lot of your time already; what are the realities like for a model behind the scenes - is it all parties and champagne off camera? "I know many people like to believe that modelling is an easy job but believe me it’s not and, like all jobs, it has its ups and downs! Depending on the location and the start time, early mornings usually accompany a shoot (especially as I live in Surrey, just outside of London, so it is a 30 minute train to Waterloo for me).

Everyone on set has the same goal, (getting the best pictures as possible), so constant hair and make up retouches, as well as often overrunning, is definitely normal. There can be a bit of hanging around, but as long as everyone works together it’s usually great fun and I still absolutely love it. 

Esme, who is represented by Models1, is on Instagram so follow her for more updates on her career.