tayo ogedengbe

Seabass & Sweet Potato Wedges

In the studio was elite athlete, pro-basketballer & captain of the Surrey Scorchers, Tayo Ogedengbe, who served-up his pre-game recipe (which he eats about 3 hours ahead of a game) of Seabass, Sweet Potato Wedges & Salad - check out the full episode here.


2 x Sea Bass fillets

2 x Sweet Potatos

1 x Avocado

1/2 a Cucumber

 A handful each of;




Cherry Tomatoes

A splash of This is Good Macadamia Nut Oil


1. Chop the Sweet Potato's into wedges.

2. Part boil the sweet potato's for 10 minutes.

3. Salt the skin-side of the Seabass (to make it crispy when you fry-it).

4. Chop the Avocado, mix in a bowl with the rocket, spinach, cherry tomatoes & cashew nuts.

5. Remove the Sweet Potato's from the boil, in a mixing bowl, coat in oil & spices.

7.  Place on a baking tray, pop them in the ive for 15-20 minutes until they are crispy.

8. In a griddle pan, add a drizzle of oil (to prevent the fish sticking to the pan) and fry the fish off for a few minutes on each side.

9. Remove the wedges from the oven, and serve together.