What makes PK Recovery Protein Powder different?

It’s a valid question, there are hundreds of protein products out there, so what makes this one any different to the others that are available elsewhere, for less money?

When the Performance Kitchen came about two years ago, it had a simple goal: to get away from social media influencers and ‘nutritionists’, and uncover what professional athletes and Olympians really eat and use. If you Google ‘what to eat before a Marathon’, every runner throws in their two-cents, but nowhere was Paula Radcliffe or Jess Trengove saying, “well actually, before I ran in the Olympics, this is what I would have”. Nowhere would you get an International rugby player telling you what they would eat pre, mid & post game.

The point of the project was not to hear about how healthy, or clean living these athletes were, but to hear them talking honestly about food (and cooking their own meals on our Youtube channel). What snacks they ate, what junk they would have after training, what really got them through long training sessions in the gym, etc…

I love pizza, milk chocolate and cheese. Sometimes when I had a hard day I’ll eat nutella by the spoon
— Gabriella Papadakis, Winter Olympics Silver Medalist

As the project developed, it became clear that a lot of athletes try not to rely on protein shakes after training or a competition, but when they have to, there is next to nothing available in shops that will taste nice, replace what they have lost when training or competing, and is batch tested. Every athlete we spoke to rarely had a single brand they relied on, but would change it up often: either trying new products in an attempt to find one they could use regularly, or waiting for their club or a sponsor to send them some goodies.

Working with these athletes - some of whom we had worked with in our kitchen, and others who had reached out to us, we set about developing a protein powder that would tick all the boxes for these athletes, irrespective of the sport they competed in. We were going to make something that tasted nice, had a good mix of protein, carbs, BCAA’s and super nutrients, and was batch tested, was packaged by award winning designers, and wouldn’t cost the earth.

After months of back and forth with a dozen pro athletes and Olympians competing in rugby, athletics, swimming, diving, football, and boxing, we finally hit upon two flavours that everyone liked; both naturally sweet, with real pieces of fruit in the strawberry pouch.

We spent even longer coming up with a perfect ‘golden halo’ mix of carbs & protein, BCAA’s, and super nutrients that would give each athlete what they needed to recover irrespective of their sport. So it could be enjoyed by people during endurance sports, contact sports, or sports that require short, sharp bursts of explosive energy.

Finally, getting the product batch tested. There is a good reason that a lot of brands do not get their products tested - it’s a long and expensive process, but imperative if athletes are going to be able to use & trust the product.

So what sets our product apart from our competitors? For some of athletes it is taste, for others it is the perfect mix of carbs, protein and BCAA’s, for some it is the ongoing support, advice and feedback they get from TPK and the other athletes we work with (sometimes their own rivals), and for other athletes they like the fact is has all of the above and is something they can trust.

These are two products, and one brand, that athletes have come to trust to provide them with exactly what they need at the end of training or competing at the highest levels of their sport.